The Holy Spirit lectures by Geoff Thomas



“In May 1964 the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and those of us who were the graduating students (thirty or so men) met for a banquet, students and professors sitting informally together in an atmosphere of affection and thankfulness. One by one, the professors got up and said a few words of exhortation and encouragement. When John Murray stood up he suggested that we should not slip out of the habit of studying, but rather we should seek to make our own some area in which we should read as fully and exhaustively as we could over the next years. My Murray said, “There might arise an issue in the church in twenty years’ time which is directly related to what you have studied and then you could make a valuable contribution, guiding and enlightening the church.” With the combination of my coming from Wales, with its interest in revival, and my witnessing the rise of the modern charismatic movement in the United States in the early 1960s, I could not have been drawn to any other theme than the Holy Spirit, but I regret not studying the subject more or cultivating closer communion with God the Spirit.” Taken from the Preface to the Holy Spirit by Geoffrey Thomas (Reformed Heritage Books, 2011)

Here are the two audio of Geoff Thomas’ lectures that he gave at Amyand Park Chapel


His sermon on Romans 15:13 which is on the same page is a wonderful sermon

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