Day 215

Day 215 – Wed 5 Apr –

I was back into Isaiah 58 in the morning and working on Sunday night. Andrew Kueh is still around from Trinity York so he came for lunch then I got him, Donald and David working in the church garden. The joy of interns! I had one of those frustrating afternoons doing hosue stuff where you just seem to spend an eternity on hold giving your name and postcode numerous times.

Sandra and Dora were around the house early evening and then we were off to prayer gathering. We had over 40 come along and there are lots of folk away on holiday and different things this week so that was encouraging. We read the following from Calvin to start.



and so we had a great digging up treasures in prayer. I then shared something from Romans 15 on how the gospel must keep pushing us out, we must feel the weight of this message to shake us from complacency. We then spent some time praying for the Jones family both those here and Ian gave us an update on Burkino Faso. Finally we prayed for church things the Rae family, building project and various bits of news. We were done by 9.20 and finished up with tea and toast.

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