Day 217

Day 217 – Fri 7 Apr –

The older two are back from Northern Ireland and had a lovely time. It’s good to have them home. I just had one meeting in the morning with Natalie, Donald and Andrew to go through the Ed Clowney article from this conference we’re trying to edit. In the afternoon I was into town to meet with Jeremy Marshall who’s been helpful to us in thinking about the church building project.


The scaffolders have been working all week on and off at our home and they finished up yesterday  afternoon.


In the evening 9 of us went across to the Evangelical Reformed Church in Hackney, they have a Friday night young adults meeting. When we arrived there were about 15 there but gradually people traipsed in until there were over 60 of us. There were two hymns sung acapella, two scripture readings and then the speaker who isn’t the pastor spoke for 1 hour and 5 minutes on Penal Substitution. 1 hour and 5 minutes!!! – We went from Exodus 12 to Leviticus 16 to Isaiah 53 to John 3 and 11 to Romans 3. There were two applications at the end – be assured of God’s love and the need for justice. The only white people in the room were us lot from Ealing and after the meeting we couldn’t have been welcomed more warmly. We sung happy birthday but I think they’ve written their own version it was incredible. Loads of food, real warmth and vibrancy in their fellowship. It was a massive joy to be with them and so encouraging that on a Friday night there’s 50 young adults wanting solid doctrine. It made me think we should do something similar in Ealing on a Friday night. We jumped back on the tube and were home for just before midnight but it was worth going.

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