Day 219

Day 219 – Sun 9 Apr – Both services were busy which was surprising as quite a lot of our folk are away. We had lots of Americans, some visiting from First Pres, Columbia, missionaries from Burkina Faso and Cyprus and Geoff Thomas from Aberystwyth with us for the day! I preached on Isaiah 58 in the morning and spent the whole time explaining, for the second week by the time I’d got to the application I felt I’d lost the congregation. Next week I’m going to preach a Resurrection sermon for Easter Sunday and so will take a break from studying Isaiah this week. We invited lots of folk back for lunch but wonderfully they were all going to different people in the congregation to eat so we just had a quiet afternoon, Phoebe isn’t eating and drinking as well as we’d like and that’s quite stressful, we need to be more patient.

Sunday night I was on familiar ground in Luke 18 on the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, the congregation listened how I long for it to be more powerful. Alun Ebenezer popped round after the service which was great fun, Daphne comes over each Sunday night which we enjoy too.

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