Day 220

Day 220 – Mon 10 April – We’ve got some folk from the US who are thinking of potentially coming to the UK so I had breakfast with the husband at Hanwell Cafe and then in the evening they both came round to see Claire and I. I worked on tomorrow’s ELT talk I’m going to do something from 2 Corinthians 5 for Easter.


My friend Willie Philip was down from Glasgow and we had lunch at Euston. Willie is a dynamo, he’s done 3 building projects in the time it’s taken for us to plan one!! The Tron now have 4 services on a Sunday in three locations, it’s pretty exhausting and remarkable. I met with the interns in the afternoon to go through Willie Still’s article ‘Bringing your children up in faith not fear’, it’s a remarkable piece which I’m hoping we can put on here this week.


I finished Calvin’s remarkable section on prayer in the Institutes, if you’re wanting to introduce people to Calvin get them to start there.


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