Bringing up Children in Faith, Not Fear

Of all the material on parenting I have read and had recommended to me by far the most helpful was a booklet written by William Still called ‘Bringing up Children in Faith, not Fear’, for the title alone it’s worth reading.

William Still  was the minister of Gilcomston South Church in Aberdeen for 52 years from 1945 – 1997. Bringing up Children in Faith, not Fear began life as a sermon in that church on 26th May 1968 , it was then published alongside two other articles in a booklet called “Baptism”. Mr Still’s prose takes a little bit of getting used to but it’s well worth the effort. The article is reproduced here with the permission of the literary estate of Mr Still. I have made minor revisions taking out personal references to people in his congregation and updating the Bible version from the  King James to ESV. What Mr Still does masterfully is he draws out the beautiful implications of Covenant Theology in the bringing up of children, it’s quite simply magnificent……enjoy

I asked Sinclair Ferguson to write a few words about this article…….

I was a student in Aberdeen, sitting in the pew, when William Still preached his memorable sermon ‘Bringing Up Children in Faith, Not Fear.’  He was a sixty-something bachelor; I was newly turned twenty, about to graduate, and bringing up children did not appear on my radar screen!  But the principles he articulated then became guiding lights to me, and over the years to others to whom I have given copies of what he said.   These pages can be read in a few minutes. But they are the fruit of a lifetime immersed in the Scriptures combined with decades of a ministry nurturing and observing many Christian families.  For some parents they could be a life-changer, and perhaps even a life-saver. I suspect that in future years there may be many of them who will say to each other ‘I am so thankful Paul Levy made Bringing up Children in Faith not Fear available to us!’


2 thoughts on “Bringing up Children in Faith, Not Fear”

  1. Pastor Levy, this is very helpful.
    If all that the Rev Still articulates is true, is there any biblical reason why we shouldn’t give covenant children communion?


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