Day 221

Day 221 – Tue 11 April – We were on the Jealousy of God and the heart of the gospel (Penal Substitution) in the Knowing God group. I got back sharpish and wrote up my 2 Corinthians 5 sermon for ELT. We had a full house with around 60 there which is really thrilling. There weren’t actually newcomers but there were a number of church folk there, a few visiting Americans and some people who are irregular. I really enjoyed preaching and it’s just an exciting thing with a  full room and people and people eager to hear.

I am trying to catch up on Calvin reading and was interested in his section on election – General and Special calling – Book 3.24.7-10 – Israel was elected as a nation and within Israel there was personal election. I’d not seen it as clearly as that before, it makes total sense of Romans 9-11 and dare I saw even how the word elect can be used differently in the New Testament.


Paul Meiners picked me up and we drove to Liss for the Pastoral Search Committee we were interviewing James Buchanan and it went very well and all of us left encouraged. We had dinner at the Spread Eagle pub which has been the great highlight of going to Liss the last couple of years but sadly they’ve changed the menu. Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket BBQ are now on a menu in the English countryside – heartbreaking – As a protest I ate Ham, Egg and Chips. We were home for just before 9.

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