Day 223

Day 223 – Thu 13 April – We had some car trouble so I was at the garage for opening time then to the church for church staff meeting, I had a few hours to keep working on Matthew 28 and look over Isaiah 55 for preaching it that evening. I picked up Alun Ebenezer in Whitton and then we drove back to his home in Beaufort in the Gwent Valleys. I was preaching for his father at Zion Baptist Brynmawr.


Teify Ebenezer retired last year after 45 years as the minister of Zion though he’s working as much as he did before as there’s no obvious successor. He told me though he’d done 35 funerals since January this year. I love those valleys ministers many who have just faithfully plodded in really tough situations for years. The congregation at Zion are warm as toast and there was one Pentecostal brother that kept shouting out Glory, Amen, Hallelujah, Worship! I think he probably thought I needed a bit of help. It was a joy to see Alun’s family again and I hung around a fair while after the service before driving back. I was home for 1.
I think this is a helpful and challenging article for ministers from the Guardian.

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