Day 228

Day 228 – Tue 18 April – It was early morning prayer gathering to start the day then back into finishing Romans 16 for ELT. Uxbridge Road was closed because of a fire so our numbers were down a little bit but 2 new women came in from just seeing the sign up. I preached ok but was too tied to my notes. We’ve finished Romans and it’s been a joy to go through again. We are going to  have different preachers for a couple of weeks and then I think I am going to preach on Big Texts – there’s loads of verses which summarise the gospel and I’ve not been great at preaching on those texts over  the years. I’ll do it for a few weeks and see how we get on.

I met with a missionary from Burkino Faso afterwards which was a joy to hear of the work there. I’ve got a much lighter week on preparation this week so was able to read more yesterday afternoon and then in the evening I went back to 5 a side.

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