Day 230

Day 230 – Thu 20 April – It was a morning of meetings and we had Session Prayer first thing, a brother from the Middle East was able to join us which was lovely. He shared this prayer request – “The greatest need is for Christlike leaders who think like Jesus, walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, smell like Jesus”. Afterwards I met with my friend for an hour to talk about ministry amongst Persians and then we had staff meeting. After that I had ridiculous amounts of phone calls none of which achieved much.


In the afternoon I was with Donald and Natalie and we got back to working through Chad Van Dixhoorn’s Confessing the Faith. I really think it is a masterful piece of work on the Westminster Confession, we read and discussed Chapter 5 on Providence and Chapter 6 on the Fall, Sin and Punishment of Sin whereof. Confessing the Faith is based on CVD’s seminal work on the Westminster Confession Minutes. I try to convince myself that I really need this set and I long to buy them, Oxford University Press even offered me a deal for the 5 volumes but at  £476 I still can’t bring myself to spend that sort of money.
I was around for the evening while the kids clubs happened and just read which was a joy.
Matthew Roberts has nailed it again on “Answering Tim Farron’s Questioners

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