Day 235

The builders were here before 8 and by quarter past were pulling off the roof! It was pandemonium from then on. As I was taking the kids to school the 2nd phone engineer arrived and declared like the first he wouldn’t be going up on the scaffolding for health and safety reasons. At this point we discovered it was the scaffolders who’d knocked the phone line out when they put it up last week. Finally one of the builders who’s an electrician got the new wire in the box. At this point my neighbour came out to tell me that the builders had dropped a tile on their velux window, thankfully it hadn’t gone through it. The phone line was now fixed but not the internet and the BT engineer gave up. I read for a few hours while waiting interminably for talktalk to try and fix things. In the afternoon I thought I’d burn some spare knotted logs of wood in the incinerator at the back of the house. Foolishly I thought it would be quick, after an hour 2 fire engines turned up at the front of the house and I had firemen coming at me from every angle. Thankfully they were fine and commended me for burning responsibly though I felt a bit of an idiot, it was a shame the kids weren’t around to see the two engines. The third BT engineer rolled up and thankfully got the wifi working.
In the evening I had a meeting about the young peoples camp in Swansea and then popped in at the end of the deacons meeting.

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