Day 235

Day 235 – Tue 26 April -I cancelled the Knowing God group as I feared that the builders might need me round but it was a calm morning. I managed to get going with Isaiah 59. Rowan Patterson spoke for us at ELT on Colossian 1:15-21 – Jesus the Lord of Creation/ Recreation/ Our lives. There was a new worker there which I was encouraged by. In the afternoon I took Rowan for a coffee and then met Matt for a drink and to chew the fat.


I then did some more study on Isaiah 59 before attacking brambles with Donald. In the night I was back at 5 a side which was a welcome run out
and then had numerous phone calls.


Tim Farron caved in on homosexuality yesterday which is a real tragedy. We have to pray for great courage for Christians in public  life.
Matthew Roberts again has written a very helpful follow up to his piece last week ‘What is sin anyway?
There’s also been some pretty incisive comments in other places

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