Day 236

Day 236 – Wed 26 April -Yesterday was our day of Prayer and Fasting which was encouraging. I tried to keep the day relatively clear for study, admin and the like. I’d really hoped to get up the Banner Ministers Conference this week it’s been years since I’ve made it there but for the first time they have put the sessions on video. I tuned in late morning and Andy Young was preaching very well from Luke 4. I wasn’t the same as being there but it did me good.

In the afternoon I met with a couple of our American missionaries to look back over the last 6 months. Noah arrived back from school delighted that he’d won first prize for his Romans project so there was great joy in our home over tea. We met as a church about 7, I think there was a bit over 50 of us – we had a 3 course meal, prayed together, sang, celebrated the Lord’s Supper and were done before 9.

I have a friend who is going through a tough time so I went into town to meet with him and pray so it ended up being a late night.

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