Day 237

Day 237 – Thu 26 April –  Claire is off on a Thur and Fri which makes things easier. I was able to make an early start in the  study finishing off Sun morning and writing some letters. We had team meeting at 9.30 and then I worked till lunch. I met with Fernando and had a glorious time in a Spanish restaurant where we had a great opportunity with a Spanish waiter, who has two sisters who are evangelicals. He kept not saying the gospel is not for him but he’s running from the truth.
I worked in a café all afternoon trying to finish Sunday, after tea Claire went to the clubs with the  kids and little Phoebe was in delightful form. In the night Ben Williamson who was an intern really soon after I arrived in Ealing came over for the night. He’s currently an Anglican minister in inner city Johannesburg, it was an absolute delight to see him. I can’t remember laughing so much, they were really great days when we first started here.  Ben is an excellent preacher and to hear of his church was encouraging, it did me the world of good to see him.

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