Day 242

Day 242 –

Tue 2nd May – We were back reading through Knowing God in the morning but there was only Penny and I!! however it was worth going just to be reminded of this quote
I came back to have breakfast with Tom Nachtergaele at Hanwell Café. Tom is part of our European Presbytery and is over in London for a couple of weeks. It was at this point I remembered I’d promised to write an article for the Evangelical Magazine on IPC and my time here. I only had an hour but got it done, however it reads like it’s been written in an hour. Thankfully Lesley has worked her magic on the grammar and spelling but it’s not Shakespeare!


At 12 I met up with one of the guys in the church to chat over some issues which was encouraging and then I started a new series at ELT looking at some of the great texts of Scripture. I reworked an older sermon on “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever”. Hebrews 13:8 but reheating sermons I don’t think really works. Ed Norton from Independent Church in Memphis is in London and he graciously took me for lunch. I chose the Vietnamese restaurant Pho which is a great little place. It was Phoebe’s physio and so I was on pick up duty for the other two  who were in great form.


We had our monthly session meeting at Graham’s and we had an encouraging time. We started off reading and discussing 1 Timothy 1, it was an encouraging time, Simon Arscott was back from the US and reported on Ilford. We were all done by 9.30.


I can never sleep after elders meeting so I finished  off Calvin’s Institutes. I read this by Justin Taylor – ‘How to Read Calvin’s Institutes and Why you should seriously consider it‘ at the start of last year and have been through the Institutes twice since, just following the 15 minutes a day rule. They really are remarkable, I wish I’d started reading them more regularly years ago. I need to read a couple of other things before getting back into them, I’m going to use David Calhoun’s Readers guide next time.

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