Day 243

Day 243 – Wed 3 May –

The morning was taken up with study and yet the noise from the builders meant I decamped to Ealing Broadway after about half hour and worked in a coffee shop there. While I was there I spotted a woman reading her bible and plucked up the courage to go and talk to her, she was in Job and had been underlining things. She wasn’t a Christian but likes to watch Joyce Meyer who inspires her, she said to me some Christians would say Joyce Meyer was a false prophet what do you think? I took a deep breath and agreed, she listened and I tried to explain the gospel to her


For lunch I met an elderly friend of someone in the congregation who came to our carol service. I spoke with him afterwards and he agreed to read Luke’s gospel and then we’d meet to discuss it over lunch. He would call himself an Agnostic but was reared in a public school and so it feels like he’s been inoculated against the real Jesus. We had a lovely time and I’m going to send him another book to read. I had a skype call to a friend in the US then some more study before Prayer Gathering.


We had a good number there, and prayed this wonderful prayer of confession from Valley of Vision. Stuart Cashman gave an encouraging report of Immanuel Brentford which is 1 year old this Sunday. We are facing the prospect of quite a lot of folk moving on from the congregation which is in hard in lots of ways. None of them are leaving for wrong reasons but it’s never easy seeing folk go.

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