Day 246

Day 246 –

Sun Mar 7 – Immanuel Brentford had their first birthday so I was down there preaching for them which was a real joy. They were welcoming in their first 20 members. I think there were probably about 40 there and with another family joining from Ealing there’s great potential for the congregation to really grow. They’ve got great potential elders which will really help Presbytery aswell.


We were at Daphne’s for lunch with Owen and Bronya over from Australia and Lloyd. Sometimes I’m tempted to total up all the great folk that have left the congregation to move away over the years. We’d have such a great congregation, you have to stop oneself thinking if only they’d stayed.


Encouragingly we had a really full congregation on Sunday night. I spoke on Why does God allow suffering?  which I suspect is why it was so full. Chris Cradock led us well at the Lord’s Table to finish the day.


We’ve got some Presbytery stress and so it was good to chat that through with my elders. To be in church leadership on your own I wouldn’t cope with. It would be a recipe for a breakdown.

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