Day 247

Day 247 – Mon 8 May  – Noah’s Birthday, the little man was ecstatic at his gifts and cards. You want to bottle those moments. The builders arrived to continue their work on the roof and put the new boiler in the kitchen. I left  them to it and worked from Ealing – I’m in Isaiah 60 and made a good start. I was in Tower Bridge for a meeting at London City Mission. Afterwards catching up with Alun Ebenezer at Earls Court which was good.


I returned to the house and the builders had got the boiler in but had to put it in a different place and there was dust everywhere, thankfully they aren’t going to pull down the kitchen ceiling but put in a false ceiling. It’s going to be a fun 10 weeks till this lot is done.


Noah’s choice of place to go out was McDonald’s, a child after his father’s heart. WE had a great time and then the rest of the evening was spent cleaning the house in the aftermath of the builders!! So the house is all ready for  them to do exactly the same tomorrow.


I did finish Stuart Robinson’s magnificent ‘The Church of God as an essential element of the gospel’. It’s hard work but I want to go back to it.

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