Day 248

Day 248 – Tue 9 May – We had the penultimate Knowing God group looking at guidance which was a good time. I returned home to loads of builders and so didn’t stay long. I  had someone from the congregation come to see me about the doctrine of hell which was helpful in making me realise I’ve probably not preached it as clearly as I should have. I’ve started to prepare a new 3 part series for Sunday nights and am going to trial one of the sermons at London Seminary tomorrow.

Kehinde from Hackney Evangelical Reformed Church was speaking for me at ELT on James 1:16,17 there was a good crowd and encouragingly a load of local workers. Kehinde spoke well and afterwards we went out for lunch. I’m so impressed by the ERC there’s much to learn from them. I had a couple of hours preparation afterwards.


In the evening I went to see one of my elders about a Presbytery issue and then popped in on the 5 a side men’s curry outing which was great fun.

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