Day 249

Day 249 – Wed 10 May – I worked all morning on Ephesians 2:1-3 and made my way to Finchley to preach for London Seminary. There must have been 15-20 men there I preached on Hell and how we must remind ourselves on the plight of the lost. It was a heavy message I didn’t feel comfortable preaching it but then I don’t you should really. I stayed for lunch with them, John Benton who is now working for the John Owen Centre was there  and is always a joy to see.


I was exhausted travelling home on the tube and was woken up at Ealing Broadway with a concerned fellow passenger telling me it was the end of the line. We had house-group reading through Amos which is unfamiliar to most of us and is full of the most incredible imagery. My old friend Dai Hankey was up from South Wales for his annual pilgrimage to the Good Book Company HQ to stay over at ours, we went for a kebab in Expresso Kebabs in Hanwell and stayed up talking and catching up.

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