Day 250

Day 250 -Fri 12 May – The day started with session prayer which was a good time together, then I had a brief meeting with Natalie our intern before Staff meeting. It was a glorious morning so I went into town early to study before meeting one of our younger men for lunch. It was a really encouraging time and I’m enjoying beginning to meet up with more of our men individually.

In the afternoon I was back finishing Isaiah 60 and trying to work through some things on a Presbytery issue. In the evening I was in and it was nice to have an evening with Claire.
I finished Ernest Brown’s brief book on eldership “Qualified, Commissioned and Accountable – studies in Eldership from Acts 20:28“, it’s a very helpful book and I’ll try and write up a brief review. I had a little bit more time with travelling and also read through the “The Work of the Pastor” by William Still, I’ve read it a number of times but I’d forgotten just how very good it is. I wish every minister would read it and people in the congregation. Mr Still has a remarkable understanding of the nature of people but also the nature of what a minister should be like. As I finished the book I’m aware that I so easily imperceptibly drift from Pastoral priorities. It’s a convicting but inspiring book.

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