Day 251

Day 251 – Fri 12 May – It’s time for the MOT so I was at the garage early, our car which we got cheap last year is always  needing work. I’m hoping the government might give us some money to cash it in because it’s diesel. I was in the study for the rest of the day finishing off Sunday morning. The house has been chaos, they switched over the boiler and the roof shell is nearly finished.  I went up there which was very exciting, we’ve got through week 3. I finally watched Sinclair Ferguson’s ‘Best Lessons from a Lifetime of Pastoring’ which is something to watch again and again.

I also read “Let the Children Worship” by Jason Heopoulos which is the book I should have written on Children staying in worship. I’m going to buy a stack for IPC.
In the late afternoon we had an elders road trip down to Liss for their church meeting. Our Session and that of St Peter’s proposed that Ealing Session take Pastoral Oversight for a while which would help a new minister until new elders could be raised up from their own congregation, if a new minister is called it would begin in September (Here is the Proposal). Paul Meiners one of my elders chaired the meeting and it wasn’t easy but encouragingly they voted overwhelmingly to agree to the proposal. I am still surprised but very grateful to the Lord. It was so good to have our elders there and for them see our session. James Buchanan begins as candidate for minister at St Peter’s on Sunday for a week and there will be another vote in 2 weeks for him to become minister. Lots of prayer is needed but I’m hopeful. As I dropped off Chuck, a friendly drunk ambled up to the car and shouted  ‘What’s this?! A geriatrics outing’. I got home about midnight but I was buzzing so couldn’t sleep.

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