Day 253

Day 253 – Sun 14 May – In elders training we read through the IPC Distinctives from 2011 which is an attempt to summarise what is distinctive about the churches of the International Presbyterian Church, both those which already exist and those we hope to plant in the future. I’d forgotten how good this document is and we should use it more.

I was preaching on Isaiah 60 which is a sublime chapter. There was a new lady there over in Ealing for 6 months and I had good conversations with folk afterwards. Noah went to the Cradock’s for lunch and so we just had the girls. I wasn’t preaching in the evening so even go to bed for an hour and half in the afternoon. Sunday afternoons were made for sleeping.


Matt Childs was preaching me in the evening on 3 John and did ok, it was lovely to sit next to Noah during the sermon. I finished reading Jason Helopoulos  ‘A Neglected Grace – family worship in the Christian home‘. It’s a really lovely and encouraging book that made me want to do Family worship better.

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