Day 254

Day 254 – I’m preaching on John 3:16 tomorrow at the lunchtime talks so worked on that in the morning. A Brakel has a lovely section in his Christian’s Reasonable Service….. I’m not sure I can do him justice on it though. I met one of our church dad’s for coffee which was very encouraging and then I popped into town to see Alun Ebenezer who was in good form.


I managed to finish watching Tim Keller at the Gospel Coalition Conference – Calvin’s Company of Pastor’s Today – His 3 ideas – 1. It takes a lot more than preaching to form Christians, 2. The monastic practices Calvin democratised, Pastors need far more intense in service lifetime training. It’s a really thought provoking lecture and I need to process some it. I’m really looking forward to some more time in the summer to think.


In the evening we got together with the deacons to talk about the budget which was encouraging, although we need to do more work on regular giving to the building fund. Our friend Annie came over from Grove and we were up late chatting, she’s a dear friend.

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