Day 255

Day 255 – It was our monthly early morning prayer gathering and then on to the final Knowing God session looking at the last two Chapters. It is a wonderful book

“Unreality towards God is the wasting disease of much modern Christianity. We need God to make us realists about both ourselves and Him” p.228

The final Chapter is a remarkable exposition of Romans 8 and has made me determined to get back to preaching Romans next year.

I spent the rest of the morning working on John 3:16 – The Wonder of His Love, the Measure of His Love, the Promise of his Love. ELT had lower numbers for some reason but I enjoyed preaching it. Afterwards I caught up with Rob Ilderton who is working with our church plant in Brentford.
I heard some pretty devastating news about some friends in the afternoon which really shook me but I was back home for tea and then out again in the evening to visit a new Indian family in the congregation. They’d also made me dinner so I had this glorious Chicken Curry with Pilau Rice, it’s the joy of an international congregation. I think in training for the ministry we should ask men how many dinners could you eat in an evening?
I’m back on the bike to try and shed some pounds

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