Day 256

Day 256 – Wed 17 May – The morning was taken up with study for Isaiah 60 and reading on the doctrine of hell. Then I journeyed into Holborn to meet with one of our young men from church. Again hugely encouraging to see our men wanting to live for Christ. We had Korean for lunch, goodness knows what was in it, Beef and a fried egg on the top that when you mixed it in turned to scrambled egg. It was fantastic.

I find the tube Travelling brilliant for reading and I finished ‘All about Children’ by John Inchley which is a curious mix of a book from brilliant and insightful to slightly bizarre, I’ll try and review it. In the afternoon I was back for Ellie’s school assembly and worked until tea.

In the evening we had a film night watching the excellent new documentary on Luther, we could probably have done with an interval but it was a great thing to watch, there were around 50 of us and it was a good thing to do


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