Day 257

Day 257 – Day 257 – Thu 18 May – Noah is going early for sports club and so I went straight to church to get some work done before team meeting. I popped in on Reuben Hunter for a coffee afterwards,  I was heading to Canada Water to meet my old friend Kruger De Cock and a representative from his home denomination in South Africa.  Kruger is the minister of Canada Water Church and has done a remarkable work, he’s entrepreneurial in the best way. We had a great time together.

On the journey there and back which seemed to take forever I read Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s book ‘For the Children’s sake’, which is a book taking the ideas of educationalist Charlotte Mason and applying them today. Susan writes in the style of her mother which isn’t that easy to get into. There’s lots of really helpful stuff in the book but also some pretty important things that needed to be emphasised in the life of a family and church which aren’t mentioned, I might try and write a review.


I was back home for tea but totally wasted the evening. It’s so frustrating when you just fritter away time. I couldn’t even tell you what I did, I grazed on articles on the internet but didn’t read anything properly. I vegetated infront of a screen doing the exact opposite of what Susan Schaeffer Macauley was pleading for families to do.
I did however watch this numerous times which I loved – Piper’s poem – The Calvinist – read by the good and great

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