Day 262

Day 262 – Tue 23 May – Today was the day the builders were breaking through the ceiling so I was out of the house early doors. I met with Matt to give some sermon feedback from his preaching last week and got into Ezekiel 33:11 in the morning. I really enjoyed preparing it, the pleading God is a beautiful picture. I’d love to do some more work on it. We had lower numbers for the second week in a row but a newcomer was there.


I came back to the church and spent some time with James Buchanan he’d had his presbytery exam and seems encouraged by the whole process in Liss. The kids came to the church after school and we managed to navigate tea time without Claire being around. We had great fun together. On returning the home the builders had done a great job, the stairs are due to go in tomorrow.

In the evening I met with a group of our single lads to talk through bloke issues. It was good fun and they are a great bunch.

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