Day 263

Day 263 – Wed 24 May – The morning was spent writing reports for the AGM, I wish I’d learnt to write properly it would make my life a lot easier. Nobody tells ministers that they have to write a fair amount and it’s a completely different skill to preaching. I did get some time in Isaiah 62/63 but am a bit behind schedule for Sunday.


I had a sandwich with one of our young men from church and talked through some issues and then I went into town to see Dick Lucas who was in fine form. He says he’s preaching on a Sunday for the last time but I’ve heard him say that before. He’s going to preach on two phrases from Luke 15 – “far away” and “came to his senses”. He made the point that God is searching for sinners in two of the parables but waiting in the prodigal son. God is waiting for us to come to our senses. At 91 the man is a genius. I went through my Ezekiel 33:11 sermon, it’s like the pauper and the prince talking to each other about sermons.


I was back for tea, our stairs are now in to the loft, but there is dust everywhere. We had our church AGM last night which was encouraging, a good number out, budget passed. I always think we need to freshen our AGM up but never remember that the following year.

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