Day 269

Day 269 – Tue 30 May – I spent most of the morning reworking a sermon on 1 Timothy 1:17 for ELT – the Power of God, The Grace of God and the Patience of God. I also took the kids to the park and met an Hungarian lady who lives on our street, she was very taken with Phoebe and we got talking. She currently goes to HTB but was very keen to hear about IPC and promised she might come. At ELT we also had a new woman a council worker who just saw the sign and came in. She goes to a church in Camden occasionally but wanted a bible which we were delighted to give her. Noah and Ellie came along to ELT and sat at the front and did well, Ellie was turning round a bit but Noah followed along.
We left straight afterwards to go to Swansea and did well with the traffic. We were back for tea, mam and dad were in great form, talking away! I spent the evening chatting, snoozing and reading.

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