Day 273

Day 273 – Sat 3 June – My niece’s wedding wasn’t till 2pm so it meant that we could go to the  shops and play in the park before heading to Mount Pleasant where the wedding was. The service was great but Phoebe couldn’t handle the amount of people and the sheer noise so I was out at the  back with her. There must have been 6 or 7 songs, they love to sing, my brother Steve married them and then Will his Assistant preached. The drama of the day was on the way back to the car I the multi storey Ellie managed to get her fingers caught in the lift door as it closed. Thankfully we were able to yank them out and they are swollen and bruised but not broken. Children should be banned from weddings!!

The reception was good fun in Reynoldston and my brother’s speech was very good. We left before the dancing and were home for 9.30.


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