Day 274

Day 274 – Sun 4 June – We left Pontlliw about 9.30 to get to Emmanuel Baptist Church, Cardiff where I was preaching for the  day. I’d spent 4 years in the congregation from 95-99 and the church was brilliant to me. Andrew Bowden was the minister at that point and he had a real impact on many of us there. They are fantastic singers and I’d chosen ‘O what matchless condescension’ in the morning and ‘Mighty Christ from time eternal’ in the night both of which were terrific. I preached on 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 in the morning and then Colossians 1:15-29 in the night, but I was too long in the evening.
We had a delightful afternoon with the Ellis’ who were in the congregation with me back in the day and now Glyn is an elder. Their kids were really good with ours. Before the evening service we popped in on the Clees who had us for lunch every Sunday when we were in Cardiff. It seemed incredible to think that I’d left Wales 18 years ago this summer.
Emmanuel have been without a minister for 2 years but there’s a good congregation and great potential for growth, lots of young families, some students and good older folk. There’s a number of guys thinking of going into the ministry there which is really encouraging. We were back in Hanwell for a bit after 10 and the house was pretty dusty from the builders but the walls are up in the loft and this week should be plastering.

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