Day 275

Day 275 – Mon 5 June – I was pretty shattered in the morning and caught up on emails from the week before. It wasn’t a particularly productive morning. I went into Kensington to meet Mark O Donoghue, we were both at Cornhill together back in 99/00 and he’s now the vicar of Christ Church, Kensington. He ministers in a different world to the rest of us but it’s really encouraging how the work has grown in the last 4 years since OD arrived. We had a great lunch and he showed me their building. There’s huge potential there.


I was back for mid afternoon, did some reading and wrote a couple of letters. We had our monthly session meeting in the evening and was joined by a couple of the guys we are proposing as elders and Chris who’ll return to us next month. It was a good meeting and helpful discussion. I couldn’t sleep and so worked until late on 1 Timothy 2 for ELT.

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