Day 276

Day 276 – Tue 6 June – I studied all morning and briefly met with Donald to go through some things. I was 1 Timothy 2:1-7 at ELT but spent some time in the  context looking at what God is like? he takes us seriously and he cares deeply/ What has he done? Sent his son as a ransom. I was really struck that ‘he wants all people to be saved and to come to the  knowledge of the truth’ which means naturally we need rescuing and are in the dark. the whole purpose of the prayer for peaceable, quiet, godly, dignified lives is so that the message of the gospel would go out. I was helped if no one else was! There were a couple of Americans visiting who’d been recommended to come.

My parents were up en route to Switzerland for 10 days so we spent the late afternoon and most of the evening with them. I finished “A great blessing to me – John Newton encounters George Whitefield” by Grant Gordon, I’d really enjoyed his previous work “Wise Counsel” on Newton and Ryland’s friendship – It’s one of my favourite books. A great blessing to me was equally well researched but a bit of a disappointment, there was obviously a friendship and great warmth between Newton and Whitefield but I’m not sure it was worthy of a book. It did make me think Newton was a master networker, very well connected and an outstanding letter writer. He would be all over social media I suspect if he was alive today.




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