Day 281

Day 281 – Sun 11 June The morning felt pretty rushed but it ended up ok. We had the final elders training session which has been so encouraging. We announced in the morning that we’ll be putting the 4 men forward for eldership with a vote on 25th of this month. We welcomed the Myatt family and Rachel S into membership then I preached on Isaiah 64/64 which is full of wonderful verses – Praying to God about God really struck me in preparation.

We were at the Little’s for lunch with this amazing BBQ’d Rotisserie Chicken. In the evening we baptised Tazi on profession of faith and then I preached the last in my series on How the Lost are found from Romans 9/10. Daphne and Gethin came back for supper, it was a good full day.

I’ve got 3 more sermons to prepare before I get an extended break from preaching. This week looks to be total chaos with Catalyst and Prebsytery but if I make it to next Sunday, I’ve got time to breathe!


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