Day 286

Day 286 – Fri 16 June – We began with Church Planting Committee. I made a valiant attempt to get off the committee but was only scuppered when Jonty Rhodes returned from the Loo. I’m on for the next while but I think it would be good for newer folk to the denomination to take my place. We had a great lunch together and then to kick off proceedings James Torrens from HIC Inverness preached on the Glory of Christ from 2 Cor 3/4.James has been away from Presbytery for a while so it was a delight to have him back. He had 3 questions – 1. What is glory? 2. What kind of glory does Jesus have? 3. Where do we see the glory of Jesus? He had some wonderful quotes on a handout which I’ve put here.

Following on from that we went round the churches hearing news, my friend S from the Middle East was able to give a short account of his life and how the Lord has used him. Graham Nicholls from Affinity was also there and reported on his work.

A few of us ended up at the Drayton Court until late discussing worship. Amazingly it was National Pint Day or something like that so no one had to buy any drinks.


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