Day 288

Day 288 – Sun 18 June – This was my last Sunday preaching at IPC until September 10. I’d hoped to finish Isaiah but my evening sermon just wasn’t good enough so in the end I reheated something I’d done on Psalm 24. I’ll do two sermons on Isaiah at the start of September – it’s the joy of not having a preaching programme that you can do that.

In the morning I was on Isaiah 65:1-17 – it was a full service with the Lord’s Supper and we managed to also interview Adam Wilson over from Westminster and my friend who works in the Middle East. I feared we were going to go hugely over time but were done in an hour and 25 mins.

My parents were up on their way home from holiday in Switzerland and we had the Wilson’s and Gethin for lunch which was great.

I enjoyed preaching Psalm 24 in the  evening but I’m ready for a break and have lots of reading to catch up on. I’ll still be around and am preaching at a few weekends away for churches but hopefully will have more time to think.


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