Day 291

Day 291 – Wed 21 June – I met with Jess during the morning and caught up on some admin before heading into Cornhill. I’ve taught 3 Wednesday afternoons for them on the new Foundation course. This was their last afternoon. The previous week they’d had someone talk about student work and how we are in danger of overemphasising the church. It was like a red rag to a bull so I spoke on Romans looking at it Pastorally – what’s Paul’s pastoral purpose in writing the letter is, to bring Jews and Gentiles together. They’re a great bunch and were up for discussion. We got onto children and worship and it was a great time.

Little Phoebe had been sick during the day so we were a little anxious but she got down to sleep. We had house-group and looked at the book of Amos, a combination of heat, tiredness and us not having much of a clue about Amos led us to abandon the questions halfway through. We had a good time of prayer.

Our builders have begin outside and dug out the foundations for the extension, incredible work rate in such heat.


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