Day 294

Day 294 – Sat 24 June – We started off with the second day of the weekend and I was helping with the kids so missed Andrew’s second talk on Ruth, people were raving about it. At the 11am slot we had a session on Eldership, Andrew spoke on how his elders had been such a blessing to the church in Larbert. Chris and Graham spoke on their experience of being elders at IPC and then we interviewed the four prospective candidates for eldership. A few people had asked questions beforehand then then there were some from the floor. The four guys spoke so well, they articulated their answers honestly and humbly. It was thrilling to have seen these men grow in their understanding and maturity. I hope the congregation felt as encouraged as I did.

The afternoon was free with people throwing a Frisbee round and playing football. We were fortunate to have such good weather and Haven Green Baptist is a brilliant venue. Andrew gave his third session on Ruth and despite us all being pretty exhausted did an excellent job on chapter 2. The evening meal worked very well and it was an excellent day all round. We disappeared before the Ceilidh got going.


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