Day 296

Day 296 – Mon 25 June – I woke up feeling really low, it’s bizarre it had been a great weekend and 4 new elders elected but it felt really discouraging. Part of it was maybe a  Pastoral situation but I think most of it was irrational. It was the kind of morning where you wonder what you’re doing and all sorts of fears for the future creep in. I listened to two or 3 sermons of a younger man I want to give some help to, did some reading and then popped in to see Alun Ebenezer which did me good.

In the afternoon I did a Pastoral visit, and then had to take old friends of our family who had arrived from Australia to South London. It was 3 hours on the road and back in time for the deacons meeting. It was an excellent heartening, good fun meeting.

So I finished the day really upbeat and encouraged, a complete contrast to the morning. Thankfully most days are not this up and down.

The talks and outlines from Catalyst are available to listen to here.


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