Day 297

Day 297 – Tue 27 June – The day began with my old housemate Aled Elias arriving from Cardiff. We lived together in premarriage days and he was in London for a conference. I studied all morning, I’m trying to do some more work on Colossians I preached through it last year but didn’t do a good job on it.  I want to preach an overview sermon on it this Autumn.

Will Allen who is a student at Oak Hill and under care with IPC is on placement with us for two weeks and he preached at ELT on Exodus 11 and 12. He’s very easy on the ear and people really enjoyed him. He had good discerning application and has got lots of potential, I suspect there’ll be a bidding war between IPC churches to get him as Assistant. We’re going to work him hard preaching 4 times over the next couple of weeks but it’ll be good for him and us. We met to talk more and give feedback after lunch.

I went into town to meet a Dutch friend of mine who is over for EMA. I was early so hung around the Barbican for a bit and saw some folk, the Barbican is an underground bunker it’s hard to imagine a worse venue for preaching. My friend Roland is a minister in the GKV and their Synod has made the decision to allow Women ministers and elders. It’s a really difficult situation and I feel greatly for the churches who don’t agree with this decision and yet are in the GKV. Roland has a congregation of over a 1000 in  Assen and is a good man, how we must pray for him and others there. I brought him back to Ealing, Aled was around we had great curry and I showed Roland our church building. For the rest of the evening I just read.


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