Day 298

Day 298 – Wed 28 June – In the morning I had an early start to get to court in Islington. I was a character reference for an Iranian man who is part of our church. Chuck and Barbara from our congregation were also there to give evidence. The case has been delayed 3 times and we were the second case of the day and so had to wait until 12. The barrister prepared us for the case, our brother S from Iran shared something of the situation there. In all honesty I don’t think I had realised before just how horrific the situation is. He was called in first and quizzed then each us was called in individually. I spoke for about 5 minutes, there were no questions from the home office who seemed woefully underprepared, the judge asked a couple of things. The verdict will take a couple of months but our barrister was very positive about our prospects.

I’ve been reluctant in the past to go to court, I’ve been asked quite a number of times but felt in this case that our brother is so clearly a Christian that I needed to go and speak on his behalf.

I was back mid afternoon, did some reading and then in the evening we had house-group. Thankfully 1 Thessalonians went much better than Amos and there was good discussion and time of prayer.


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