Day 302

Day 302 – Sun 2 July – Crickhowell is a remarkably beautiful place and even looking out the bedroom window was just glorious. I slept like a log and it was great to have a lazy Sunday morning. James lives 2 minutes walk from the church and so it was all very chilled out at his. Church started at half 10, it’s a more relaxed service than ours. I preached from 1 Corinthians 15 both morning and night. There must have been near 40 there in the morning and a few less in the evening. We had a really lovely church lunch at their centre right in the heart of the village. Martha and Hannah were back from London for the afternoon so we had great fun before the service.

James and Martha have done a remarkable job over the last 11 years. It’s a happy and united church. I think there’s huge potential with good churches not far away and there being huge opportunities stretching up to Mid Wales where there’s little gospel witness.

I caught the 730 from Abergavenny, and the train back from South Wales to London on a Sunday night is always a slightly muted affair. I was back home 10.30.


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