Day 304

Day 304 – Tue 5 July – The morning began with more nonsense on the moving of the electric metre. I think we’re nearly there but there’s still probably at least an hour left on hold to be had. I had to do house stuff for quite a bit of the morning and then managed to get some time reading before heading to ELT.

Will Allen was giving us his second talk on Exodus and was outstanding. I didn’t have any negative feedback for him. He has just finished his first year at Oak Hill and is doing very well. He spent a couple of years on the staff at Trinity York and shows a real maturity in the way that he deals with people.

I got Will, Gethin and Natalie to meet with the Inter Faith Advisor from UWL, I’m not sure much will come from that. Will and I then had a session looking at Matthew 11 for his Sunday morning sermon.

I spent a couple of hours with the builders disagreeing about some things and in the end it turns out they were right.

We had our first session with the new guys there. We had to meet in the church lounge, it was good to have Gethin, Chris and Will there too. We made some good decisions and we were done by 9.30.


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