Day 305

Day 305 – Wed 6 July – One of the things I’ve learnt in doing this blog is that there are days when I haven’t got the foggiest idea what I did yesterday. Ellie was up in the night unwell so it was a disturbed night which is just what you want when it’s really hot too.

In the morning I was wrangling with builders again and trying to do more background reading on Matthew. My study is out of action at the bottom of the garden because of the noise and at the moment it’s like a greenhouse in there. The builders filled the extension floor with concrete so it’s getting there. My reading of Vandergroe on the Heidelberg is behind schedule but I’m hoping to catch up later this week. I don’t feel I’m being very productive at the minute.

I met one of our young men in church for lunch and again had a good time. I think in Pastoring men having food together gives you something to focus on which gets you talking. There’s a reason for meeting, we had a great conversation about  and I left encouraged.

Will was around in the afternoon and came to ours for tea, My father has done a terrific job in painting and is up till the end of the week.

It was our monthly prayer gathering and there was a good number, people prayed and it was all round encouraging.


2 thoughts on “Day 305”

  1. Paul;

    I heard men v. women communications described once as follows-

    women like to communicate “face to face”, and

    men like to communicate “shoulder to shoulder” (focus is on something else, like working on a car, or painting a room, or eating …)!

    Can you recommend a church in Worthing, England area?

    In Him; Tom


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