Day 311

Day 311 – Tue 11 July – I got up early to have  a go at the painting, radiators need to be hung and carpets arrive next Monday so the loft really needs to be finished by the back end of this week. Chris Roberts popped in and then the three of us had a meeting with Gethin, we’re going to try and meet weekly to pray and hopefully read some books. We’ve pretty much mapped out who’s preaching till Christmas.

Donald was speaking at ELT, it was his first time preaching and he did very well indeed. He was on Colossians 2:6-15. He was good on the text, lots  of content and some really helpful illustration and application. There’s lots  to work but the raw material was there. I was so encouraged to see how he’d taken on board lots from Cornhill.

I had a couple of Pastoral Meetings that afternoon and then was painting and moving things for Electricians to come in. I made it back to 5 a side last night, a returning hero!! It was great to be back with them.




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