Day 313

Thu 13 July – I was up before  6 to get to the church for our Elders Prayer Gathering, because we’ve now got an enlarged session we’ve had to move the time to 6.30 – 7.30. We had a good time of prayer. I was back for an hour trying to sort some building stuff before getting back to the church for team meeting and some admin. At team meeting there was a really good discussion on housing of all things. We have a number of folk facing housing issues, West London is getting more expensive, how can we help people stay in the area being more proactive in this. Hopefully we’ll have something to take to the deacons on it.

I had a quick game of tennis with Andrew Rae, did some more preparation on Matthew 1 and then my nephew Nathan arrived from Netherlands. We did some painting and made good progress. In the evening I popped to the hospital to see one of our men who’s been taken in and then we had a planning meeting for Swansea. Encouragingly we seem to have good numbers of kids and the week is taking shape.

To finish the day I took Nathan for Expresso Kebabs – 2 Medium Lamb Shwarmas, 2 cans of Coke at £8.50 – you can’t knock it.


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