Day 316

Day 316 – Sun 16 July – We’ve finished Sunday Schools for the year, so it was a pretty relaxed morning. I was leading and a good number of visitors were out. Chris Roberts preached very well again from Haggai 1:12-2:9. I thought initially it would be too big a chunk but he handled it well with lovely lines, ‘the one thing you need is the one thing you have’. We had communion afterwards which was a great way to end after such a sermon.

We had a house-group BBQ at Lesley’s which was a really good time with  our group, then back home for a bit before evening service. Gethin was preaching on 1 John and made a good start. lots of good insights into the text. I popped in on Peter Lofthouse who has not recovered as quickly as he thought he would, then Matt and Rach were back at ours to chat.

I enjoyed sitting with Noah during both sermons, he does the fact finders in the  morning and then in the evening now doesn’t take notes. It’s fascinating to see what makes him sit up and take notice.


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