Day 318

Day 318 – Tue 17 July —  I had a meeting in Westminster with a good friend first thing so I was up before 6. The tube in the morning is an interesting study of people, at first there are the  workmen in their luminous vests, followed by the gym monkeys and thereafter suits. I had an encouraging meeting then headed out to Whitton to have breakfast with Alun Ebenezer before coming back to Ealing. All the time on Public Transport enables reading, at the moment I read better on the tube or bus than I do at home.

Hristo spoke very well at the lunchtime talks on the Rich Man and Lazarus, then I got together quickly with Chris and Gethin to chat through the summer before a meeting with a lad from Cornhill who is considering his options for the future. We had a meeting with our builder early evening and then it was packing things up, moving boxes to get things out of rooms in preparation for their work while we’re away. I popped in on the 5 a side lads curry which led to some really good conversations. The painter and decorator who plays with us said to me  that he doesn’t go around on a Sunday preaching sermons so why I have been painting.


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