Day 320

Day 320 – Wed 20th July –  We were up first thing for flights from Heathrow, an army of builders arrived who were eager to see us leave, they were tearing out the old kitchen, knocking through the back wall, and tiling the extension.

Whenever I leave for holidays I’m reminded of Phil Crowter’s joke about the minister who was going on hols who prayed in the car before setting off ‘ Lord, Please look after the church while I’m away’, the Lord shouted back from heaven ‘Who do you think looks after it when you’re here’.

Noah and I went on the train and Chuck gave the girls a lift. BA were terrific, no queuing. We were in Ballyrobert for lunch and then chilled out all afternoon and evening. My holidays are remarkable boring, we stay at my father in laws and there’s masses of space for the kids. I’ve got a load of reading I hope to do but we’ll see. The blog will be even more boring than usual as hard as that is to believe.


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